German "Language Islands" in vincinity of Bruenn

In the fertile plain South and Southeast of Bruenn, were the villages of  Priesenitz, Moedritz, Schoellschitz and Morbes, which inhabitants were mostly German farmers and gardeners. The German names of these towns villages can only be found on older maps, as they were replaced with Czech names in 1945/46, after the Germans were expelled. They were changed to:


Pizenice Modice eleice and Moravany

They encompassed at that time an area of 13.5 km by 7 km.

The expelled inhabitants of these language island formed a union in Germany. The name of their actual chairman is Gottfried Kellner and he resids at Phil.Schmitt-Str.36 in  D-69207 Sandhausen.

This club collected everything they could get from the old homeland and placed it in a museum in the castle of Erbach near Ulm, which is managed  by  Inge and Horst Biefel, Graf-Zeppelin Str.9 in D-89155 Erbach.

In 1931, the census showed the following: 

Priesenitz           660

 people of  those

71 % Germans
Moedritz          2509


71 % "
Schoellschitz   1115 " 88 % "
Morbes              704 " 76 % "

 The main occupation in these municipalities was farming and vegetable cultivation, i.e.  Moedritz was very famous for its cabbage and as a product of it of its “Sauerkraut”. Some of the products were also canned. In Schoellschitz they also had a famous tree – nursery, the “Viktoria Baumschule”.

More detailed information is available in the German version under “Sprachinsel”.