Purpose and Content

The BHB is the official news-magazine of the homeland association of Bruenn, and is called "BRUNA". The publication provides a support link for the Germans, which were once expelled from Bruenn, and now live in various locations, like Germany, Austria and others. In addition, it provides ecouragement and information for the Germans, living as Czech citizens today in Bruenn.

The readers of the HBH are also informed as to the past and present relationship between the Germans and the Czechs, and also of pertinent historical events of the city. Cultural and economical achievements of Bruenn's Germans are often revisited, never to be forgotten. The readers show continued interest to all the hitherto articles.


History of the Bruna-magazine

The first issue of the BHB appeared in December of 1948 and was published by Marx Publishing. In 1966 they announced that they were unable to continue, because of old age. During these many years, it was always possible to find notorious authors to contribute to the magazine. From 1966 until 2002, the BHB publication was able to do the publishing and since 2003, the magazine has had its own publishing house.